Limited Time items and events are ones that will go rare. All items that are available for a limited time only but with limited quantity and stock (of 2,000 to 40,000 respectively) and they cannot be repaired while they degrade over time during/in combat (PVE/PVP/PVM/GVG). They can become missable and turn to/into dust after use and event.

Description: For a limited time, buy extra package with powerful items for a special discount. As part of Limited Time and Limited Edition items, these equipments degrade over time before turning to dust. Get up to 50-200% more! Hurry! These deals will not last and they are not restockable and they are therefore irreparable, they can be missable and go rare after event!

WARNING: If a player with item available for a limited time, is killed in dangerous places regardless of towns, it will turn to dust and this will delete it! BE VERY CAREFUL! This all items available for a limited time and quantity will BIND to your account and will therefore be untradeable. This applies to all temporary and limited devices only!

For Example:

Arcane Bladelight (R) - 50,000 charges in attack.

Weak Arcane Bladelight (R) - 1,000 charges in attack.

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