Patreon is a crowdfunding service for people, rather than a project. It was released in 2013. Its fictional(ized) counterpart is website.

The game Celestial Realm or Celestial Realm Legacy was officialy released so did Patreon so Kickstarter backers had to support several dozen devs and game moderators similar to Jagex or 5th Planet on Patreon for exclusive rewards (such as premium features for premium items) both in support or in-game.

Support the artists in this game for Patreon for hi-definition items and art. You can also get exclusive titles from Patreon and access to exclusive areas and world.

With Kickstarter backer, you could be able to get double bonus.

The next project would both feature Kickstarter and Patreon crowdunding, along with backers and patrons, with campaign of at least $250 Million dollars up to 4 Billion, as Second Evolution Phase. It would be completed as official release around January 2020. 

The project for 2nd evolutionary phase started in middle of jue. However, most subscribers from game, backers from Kickstarter and patrons from Patreon funded at least 250 million dollars less than a week.


  • Top-up and be a Patreon supporter
  • Top-up as Kickstarter backer and be a Patreon supporter.