Kickstater is the crowdfunding website meant for projects. It was released in 2009, at the same time so the Celestial Realm or Celestial Legacy had to undergo major revamp for its project, since its first online-offline hybrid game release in 1999, a decade ago because develops had to close down its game, leaving it offline support as a console game for a limited time for 4 years. It alone had 1,000 developers (similar to that way that dozens of dozens of developers had to create GTAV or Skyrim) to raise $1 Billion USD and it had 8-10m Kickstarter backers for few years for alpha-beta beta testing and beta test. After the project was finished in 2013 so the game was released, along with Patreon. It was seen in E3 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. The game rating is between E10 up to M (where skimpy ones are in T Rating or older.). It would be released in all platforms, both online and offline; it would only support mods offline, but not online.

The fictional(ized)  account(s) and counterpart(s) of a website is