This is where the adventurer family starts dreaming. The realms of fictional universes that mix together.

  • 1st: Duke sees horde of COBRA and Chiropterans, where Tracer and the gang are fighting off. Duke (Sigma 6) sacrifices his life to stop strong grenade made by evil terrorists of Dark Nightmares with COBRA (reentacment of Retaliation). It lets civilians escape. The swordsmaiden grows in fury. Chris Redfield and Soldier-76 scream after Duke's sacrificial death. They let the warriors find out what evil aliens are. Saya becomes frenzied after her friend's death. Hagi finds her out.
  • 2nd: The adventurer's students have to hang out after Duke's death. Saya informs of them. Kerrigan has a tough fight against Lord Voldemort, Cobra Commannder. After a long fight, Sara's energy and Voldemort's energy hit Sauron, the 8th Horcrux of Voldemort, killing Cobra Commander, Voldemort and Sauron in process.
  • 3rd: Jeager Steel (RecklessJack) appears to the adventurers.
  • 4th: The seer finds out the souls of the dead are Snake Eyes, Duke, Scarlett, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, friends of Chris Redfield, Zeratul, Tassadar.
  • The adventurers find out to go to fractured realms. The older Leia Solo watches over them.