Fangame: Celestial Realm Or Celestial Legacy Incremental is a game which was released in 1999...?

It was in open beta in 1998. It was released in open beta for both online and offline game with Java or PC.

It was released in, PS2, Gamecube and Xbox in 2002

it was released in PSP, DS in 2005 PS3, X360 and Wii in 2008

It was released for PSVITA & 3DS in 2014 and PS4, XONE & WiiU in 2014 along with PC, Stream, Android and Ipad and with optional extensions such as Unity, Flash and Java. (IOS 3 to 9+), along with relaunch from Patreon plus Kickstarter.


  • You can start 1 player but with multiple characters of 9 in ARPG! Whether online or offline!!!
  • You can start as a family instead of a lone character.
  • Team up with other players to fight major enemies!


Here are the subscriptions you would be able to see are: Pro, Premium, Deluxe, Legendary, Team



 Number of Health/Mana/Shield/Armor/Prayer/Stamina/Energy/Summon * 1.21 per level


Mount/Rider/Wings/Plume/Magic Shield/God Cape  Number of Health/Mana/Shield/Armor/Prayer/Stamina/Energy/Summon * 15 per rank  Number of Health/Mana/Shield/Armor/Prayer/Stamina/Energy/Summon * 1.5 per rank

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